5 Things you need to look out in your CV

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Applying to different jobs with same CV is mostly unproductive. If you do this, don’t be surprised if you are not getting positive results. Every job position has a specific requirement. Tailoring your CV for each position you applied for could give you a better chance of landing that expected interview. Employers need qualified candidates that will be of great benefit to their business. If the information on your paper is cogent enough to meet up with their expectations, then you are in for a great deal.

To update CV successfully, the following steps can be put into consideration:
1. Review job description: Go through the job description of the position you intend to apply for. Access yourself and take note of your skills, experiences and education that is relevant which can make you an ideal candidate for the position.
2. Re-brand your career Objective or Profile: This section of your CV must be at the top. Rewrite and tailor it to the overall requirements of the position you are applying for. Use action words and chip in your education, experience and any important information in a brief.
3. Refresh SAEEXP Sections: Review your skills, Achievement, education & experiences (SAEEXP) and others extensively. Us the notes you have taken (step 1) as a guide to help you tailor the details of your qualifications to deal with each of the individual requirements laid out/expected in the job roles. Create bullet points that marry qualifications you’ve gained to date with each requirement of the role. Use laudable examples of your past experiences. If the job you want requires financial management, explain in detail about how you successfully managed finances of your previous employers.
4. Renew the Layout: Go through your CV’s layout thoroughly. Test different fonts and sizes, don’t use stylish font (I prefer New times, Ariel or Calibri). Stick to a basic layout that covers your contact details, skills, work experience, education and others in that order. It must be easy on the eye. Don’t use multiple colours and ensure that you do not leave too much white space on the page.
5. Review grammar and spelling: This must be done with absolute care. Go through the CV over and over again and check your spellings/grammar. You can as well get a second person (better of) to review it before your submission.

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