Rapid Recruitment

“Recruiting Fast” and “Recruiting Right”

We are the answer to Staffing needs & HR services across a myriad of industries in Singapore. Many of our clients are global players in their respective fields and have a prominent presence in Singapore and around the region. We are honoured to be entrusted as a provider for Recruitment and HR services to support their growth.

Our team of recruiters are well-versed in local employment laws and possess a deep understanding of the local job market as well as skillsets needed in the selection process. Armed with an extensive database and network, we are well positioned to recruit the correct talents for companies.


Rapid Recruitment

“Recruiting Fast” and “Recruiting Right”

Our recruiters are trained to source, screen and qualify each candidate through the best recruiting techniques. Our recruiters work hand in hand with clients to scope out the correct specifications for each project.

From a specialised role to a mass recruitment project, our recruiters ensure that client needs are met and candidates are carefully sourced.

The War For Talents

The fight for quality employees in the marketplace is a complex and fierce one. Employees have a direct effect on the output of any organisation.

Rapid Recruitment seeks to offer quality candidates through our extensive database and network. We have delivered challenging recruitment placements and projects, both locally and internationally and we provide companies with only the best. This is what makes us successful and thriving in this competitive landscape.

We Are Commited

Boutique in size but fiesty in nature, Rapid Recruitment punches above its weight in the recruiting world. Our talented team of recruiters are committed and will partner clients to ensure the fruition of projects. We take pride in filling positions, big or small.

We work hand in hand with our clients to offer tailored Recruitment & HR services. We bring our years of expertise to the table and are committed to ensure the growth and success of our clients.