The strategic approach to stand out from the crowd

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There exists a common myth: it is not possible to prepare for an interview. Wrong! If you don’t believe in monsters under your bed, you should not believe this! There exists strategies to prepare for interviews, and this guide is meant to help you with this process. Interviews can be nerve-wracking! After all, you are about to sit in the “hot seat” and try to convince an employer to hire you.

First things first, you must think positive! If you are well prepared and believe in yourself. There is nothing to fear. Winners must be brave to face the game. Preparation is essential and greatly enhances your chances of performing well. Here are some tips on interview preparation:

• Ensure your advisor has provided you with a detailed position description and information on the team environment and the organization.

• Conduct additional research regarding the organization through reading annual reports and researching on the internet. Understand its products/services, size, locations, financial situation and growth potential.

• Make sure you know exactly where you’re going and always be on time.

• Dress conservatively and pay attention to all facets of your dress and grooming.

• Know the exact place and time of the interview, the interviewer’s full name and correct pronunciation and his /her title.

• Spend 30 minutes reviewing your resume/experience and its relevance to the position description. Identify the specific examples in your background that are directly relevant to the position description and demonstrate your ability to do the job.

• Refresh your memory regarding details of present and past employers and your work history for each. You will be expected to know a lot about the company for which you have previously worked. Pay particular attention to how you will describe your most important achievements.

• Be prepared to convey to the interviewer: why this role appeals to you, why they should consider you for this role and what makes you a bit different from other candidates.

In Singapore when you are specifically facing a sales interview, you have sell yourself first to get the job. In one way or another, you will be asked to “talk about yourself” or to explain to the interviewer why YOU are the right person for the job. You should know what you want to tell the employer before ever sitting down at the interview. This is all about “selling” yourself (your skills) and explaining to the employer why they should hire you and not anyone else they are interviewing.

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